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NET Junior/Youth Tournaments

               NET TOURNAMENTS 2016                     
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2016 NET Tournament Dates:

 January 23
 June 17-18 (Evening)
 February 20
 July 15-16 (Evening)
 March 19
 Sept. 9-10 (Evening)
 April 16
 October 22
 May 20-21  (Evening)
 December 10
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May, June, July & Sept. NET Tmts.

Summer NET tournaments have a unique situation in that we don’t want players playing in the heat of the day and parents would like to know in advance when their kids will be playing. Listed below is the playing schedule for all age/ability groups (specific times to be scheduled).


Friday Evenings               10’s and all Novice groups


Saturday Mornings           All Advanced groups


Saturday Evenings           All Intermediate groups


Tournaments are scheduled for May 20-21, June 17-18, July 15-16 & Sept. 9-10

Division Descriptions:

10 & Under:

This division is for players who are 10 and younger and can serve, rally keep score (No-Ad). Players should have a
pocket for second ball
to avoid delays. 10’s in USTA tournaments use the orange ball. Play is on the 60’ court using
the orange low compression balls and
racquets that are not longer than 25”.
We have 25” racquets available for players that have ineligible racquets. The appropriate size court, racquet and
and low compression ball helps players progress with learning the correct technique and allows for a ball that
bounces in their strike zone.

10 & under players should not play in the 12’s until they have demonstrated through tournament play that they are clearly too strong for the 10’s. This is not a race to the green or yellow ball.

Novice Groups (11-18): 

Play is on full court using green dot balls. Players should be able to serve, score (No-Ad) and rally. Green dot balls enable players to progress tactically and technically before advancing to the yellow ball.

This is not a race to the yellow ball.

Intermediate Groups:

12 & Under use the green dot ball (like USTA tournaments) and 14’s and 18’s use the yellow ball.

10 & Under players cannot play in the 12 Intermediates until they have demonstrated through tournament play
 that they are clearly too strong for the 10’s players. Intermediates are generally not ready for USTA tournament play, but are past the Novice stage.

High school JV players would generally be in the Intermediates.


12’s and 14’s are strong enough to play in USTA tournaments.

12’s use green dot ball like they do in USTA tournaments.

High school varsity players should play in the 18 Advanced Group.

NET Tournaments Philosophy & Formats: 

Non-Elimination Tournaments (NETS) offer players the opportunity to compete against players of their approximate age and ability within a maximum 3 hour time frame.  Non-elimination play could be round robins, compass draws or supersets. Players are grouped by age and ability. Small divisions could be mixed genders and/or combined with another appropriate division.

  • Play is usually at Gene Autry Tennis Center, 4125 E. McKellips Rd. in Mesa  and occasionally at satellite locations.
  • Entry fee is $18 per player
  • To enter: enter online and click on the Online Store tab (above). Players can also enter in person or call 480-654-3787 with charge card.  
  • Tournament Director reserves right to reclassify players to more appropriate divisions.
  • Late Arrivals: If you arrive after your scheduled check-in time, Tournament Director will consider you a Default (No-Show) and reserves right to replace you with a player from the waitlist or forfeit your entry without refund. Late arrivals usually cause the rotation to be revised and play delayed.
  • Entry deadline is 8pm on the Monday before the tournament.
  • No refunds after 8pm, on the Tuesday before tournament.
  • Awards:
    • 1st place only with 5 or few players in division.
    • 1st and 2nd with 6 or more in division.
  • View Tournament Schedule: Visit after 7pm on the Weds. before each tournament to view the tmt. schedule. Click on the NET Tournament tab at top of page.
  • Information/Questions: call 480-654-3787


*** It’s the player’s responsibility to visit for Tournament Times!

April 2016
NET Tournament Champions & Finalists
Thanks to all participants!

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