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Adult Leagues

League Schedule

  (Summer I and Summer II, 2015)     480-654-3787

Registration:        Registration for Summer I  league is May 11-23
                                Registration for Summer II  league is June 15-27



  • Online registration for Summer I League is closed
  • You may also register in person or by phone with charge card (480-654-3787)
  • One player must pay for both members of doubles/mixed teams.
  • Register early as all leagues have limited enrollments.


 Ability Rating:           First-time Gene Autry league players must attend a five-minute,

                                    On-court ability rating session at Gene Autry anytime between

                                    6-8pm on May 21 for Summer I leagues and June 25 for Summer II leagues.  
        There is a $2 rating fee for the rating session and no registration is required.


League Dates:           Summer I leagues start the week of June 1 and ends July 2 (5 weeks)
                                    Registration Closed, Call 480-654-3787 for availability of late registration


                                    Summer II leagues start the week of July 6 and ends Aug. 13 (6 weeks)

                                    Rain make-up week is Aug. 17-20.

Match Format:           Matches are best of 3 sets with a match tiebreaker played in lieu of 3rd set.

                                    Balls are provided and winner returns balls to office and records scores.

Match Times:             Match start times are between 6:30 and 8pm. Sorry; we cannot have 20 matches
                                        playing on 12 courts at 6:30pm. We must have some matches starting at 
                                        approximately 7:45-8pm. By registering, players are committing to be able to start 
                                        anytime between 6:30 and 8pm. There are no refunds for registered players who have
                                        a problem with their match time or ability group.
*Check website a few days before your league begins for your match schedule


League Fees:             League fees vary based upon the number of league dates and include tennis balls.

                                        Winner returns used balls to office and records scores.

League Rules:             A complete list of league rules is at or in office. 
                                        There is a $10 default fee and defaulter loses 3 points in standings.
                                        This rule is for your benefit because we know you paid your entry fee and you want to play.

League Description

*NTRP Ability

Summer I Fee

5 wks. includes balls

Summer II Fee

6 wks. includes balls

Monday Men Singles

 4.5 - 5.0



Tuesday Men Singles

 2.5 through  4.0



 Wednesday Men Singles

 2.5 through  4.0



 Thurs. Women Singles

 2.5 through  4.5



 Thurs. Men Doubles

 2.5 through  4.5



 Wednesday Women Doubles

 2.5 through  4.5



 Monday Mixed Doubles

  2.5 through  4.5







*Leagues are grouped by NTRP ability divisions (3.0’s don’t play against 4.0’s).

  Men can play singles on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

  Gene Autry Tennis Center is owned by the City of Mesa and managed by East Valley Tennis, LLC.



East Valley Tennis League Rules and Information

Updated 8-20-14



Players entering their first league at Gene Autry must be ability rated before registering.  This rating gives us an idea of your ability so that you can be placed in an appropriate ability group.


Nothing destroys a league more than defaults and league players have a responsibility to their opponents to play or arrange for a substitute. Most players are serious about their league commitment, have paid their entry fee and want to play. NO MATCHES CAN BE RESCHEDULED. Players must either play the match as scheduled, arrange for a substitute or default the match.

In an attempt to protect responsible players and maintain league integrity, players who default a match (for any reason) must pay a $10 default fee before their next match and 3 points will be deducted  from their cumulative league score. League default fees must be paid for a previous league before a player registers for a future league.


USTA Rules and “Code of Conduct” govern league play unless otherwise stated.



Matches should be started within 10 minutes of match time. If you arrive at 6:38 for a 6:30 match, you have 2 minutes warm-up. Please do not confuse “practice” and “warm-up”. Even on the coldest nights, 10 minutes is plenty of time to warm-up.

Players default the first set if they check-in between 11 and 20 minutes after match time and default the match if they check-in 21 or more minutes after match time.


Call the facility if the weather looks questionable. It may be raining at the facility and dry at your house. Staff cannot possibly call all players about status of play. It’s your responsibility to call facility.

 6.      6.  SUBSTITUTES

Players are responsible to arrange for their own substitutes. A “Substitute List” is available at Gene Autry. Your sub should be of your approximate ability and, if possible, should be arranged for well in advance. You are awarded half the points the sub wins that match. Subs must register in office before the match. A regular may sub in his league on his BYE week.

If a player feels that their opposing sub is CLEARLY TOO STRONG for that league, he may protest the match (for example, 4.5 subs in a 3.5 league). The protest must be made BEFORE THE CONCLUSION OF THE MATCH.  The Facility Manager will rule on all protests. If the protest is upheld, the protestor will be awarded 3 points and the sub zero points.

When a sub receives a default, the regular gets 1.5 points because the regular was not present, his sub was.

On the last night of the league, a player may not get a sub that wins the match and thus causes the losing player to be overtaken or tied in points for first place by the player that got the substitute.

Example: Joe is 1 point behind Fred for first place going into last league date. Joe doesn’t think he can beat Fred and gets Tom (who he thinks can beat Fred) to sub. Tom beats Fred and Joe gets 1.5 points to overtake Fred for first place. This match would be declared a default and Fred gets 3 points and Joe 0 points.

 7.      7.  ABILITY GROUPS

Leagues are designed so players of the same approximate ability are grouped together. Hopefully, you will win some and lose some. Your league results determine if you are assigned to stronger or weaker

ability groups in future leagues. We don’t look at your strokes or the fact that you want to play against stronger players (those players don’t want to play you, they want to play players stronger than them), we just look at league results and scores. Winning a league does not necessarily qualify you to move to a stronger group. Generally, you must dominate a group before moving to a stronger group.

Players must be at least 16 to register or sub in leagues. On very rare occasions and with prior approval, a younger player may register or sub in the highest ability group.

On very rare occasions and with prior approval, a female may play in a men’s league if she is clearly too strong for the strongest female league.

 8.      8.  SCORING

League scoring may be AD or NO-AD and generally a match tiebreaker (first to 10 with a 2-point advantage) is played in lieu of third set. Scoring for matches with no subs is as follows:

Win in straight sets (3 points)                                    Win in split sets (2 points)

Lose in split sets     (1 point)                                       Lose in straight sets (0 points)

A regular receives half the points their sub earned except for example in rule #6.

Three points are deducted from your total if you default a match.

If there is a tie in standings, the player that won the most head-to-head points takes the higher position.


9.      9.  TENNIS BALLS

League balls are provided as part of your league fees. Match winners return used balls and report scores immediately after match. Other players may be waiting for your court.



League and unpaid default fees are payable at registration. There are generally no league awards because we are adults playing tennis for fun and trying to keep fees affordable.

Occasionally, a sponsor will donate t-shirts or gift certificates as league awards.



Spectators are not allowed inside court fences and as a courtesy to other players, please do not bring small children to league matches.


12.  12.  INSURANCE

Neither East Valley Tennis, LLC nor the City of Mesa provides accident insurance for participants.



Doubles and mixed teams can have 3 players on a team under the following conditions:

·         All players must be registered for that team by the end of the second league match

·         All 3 players must play at least 3 matches in a 9 or 10-week league and 2 matches in a 6, 7 or 8 week league. The team loses 1.5 points for each match a player was under their minimum matches required.

·         Players may not sub for other teams in their league except during their BYE week.



Two players may form a singles team under the following condition:

·         Both players must be registered for that team by the end of the second league match.

·         Both players must play at least 4 matches in a 9 or 10-week league and at least 3 matches in a 6, 7 or 8 week league. The team loses 1.5 points for each match a player was under their minimum matches required.

·         Players may not sub for other players in their league except during their BYE week.


Revised 8-20-14

Fall II League Players: Thanks for playing and
congratulations to league champs!

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